About BTL

Founded in 2014, BTL is one of the leading distributors in Cambodia. It is highly focusing on IMPORT, DISTRIBUTION, and MARKETING products from around the world to Cambodian market. So far, we have been established strong foundation in term of human resource, products, warehouse, and transportation management. We are ready to serve and grow business with new and existing partners.

We are experient distributor and we are now working with many partners from around the world such as France, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, China, New Zealand, Malaysia, and more.

BTL is one of the well-known and trusted partners for marketing and distribution services.

BTL provides distribution management services to all new and existing partners. Thriving to provide the best marketing and distribution services is at our heart and soul. We grow together responsibly and financially.

Provide high distribution services quality to our partners with great marketing tools.

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